For those of you who want to try an outpatient surgery, it is better for you to know whether your health problem is eligible to undergo such a surgery or not. It is because there are some health problems which are not allowed to be treated with this surgery. You can go to a medical center that can perform this surgery such as the one on to ask whether you can be eligible or not. For example, here are some of the health problems that cannot be treated with an outpatient surgery:

– Complex Morbid Obesity or Sleep Apnea Complex
Even though patients with a history of sleep apnea or with morbidly obese without systemic disease are candidates for outpatient surgery, hospitalization and postoperative observation are performed in morbidly obese patients with heart, lung, liver, or kidney disorders as well as patients with a history of complex sleep apnea.

– Acute drug addiction
Because of the increased cardiovascular response when an anesthetic agent is administered to a person with drug dependence.

– Psychosocial difficulties
Patients who refuse surgery with outpatient surgery cannot be coerced. Patients who have undergone outpatient surgery should be under the supervision of the responsible adult.