We can find many places that can give us satisfaction but if we talk about the country the USA is one of the dreamlands for some people. Although we need help from other people if we want to live at there and start a new life. We use a visa as a sign to settle while there and we just need a little to process it but if we want to stay there permanently, we can not use a regular visa. We have to make a different visa that could satisfy the requirement to stay there permanently. We have to use the service from the lawyer that have knowledge about visa because maybe we can find the way to live in the US. Probably, we will know about e2 visa that can bring us to stay in the US and green card to live as permanent. Maybe, you have a question about how to get e2 visa? And how to get a green card? Or how to make e2 visa to green card? If you do not know about the e2 visa and green card, better you ask it to the lawyer consultant that know more about it. You can also find some explanation about e2 visa and green card.

E2 visa usually used by people to stay in the US temporary. Many types of e2 visa that we can be used and all of it must be renew once every two years but you can stay at there as permanently if you have a green card. A green card can make you become USA citizens legally. Your e2 visa can be a green card if you have satisfied the requirement of it such us you have lived in the US for 5 years or more. Even you do not work in the US, you still can live at there. So, you have to immediately make your e2 visa and get the green card as your card to live in the US.