When you lose your sexual appetite to your partner, it will make you wonder: “Does this mean I’m not in love anymore?” Couples may begin to question themselves, “Am I no longer attractive to her eyes?” Just because You are not interested in having sex with your partner, does not mean you have sexual dysfunction. Many think, especially men, if the loss of sexual desire indicates that he experienced impotence, but not. In fact, loss of sexual desire does not mean also losing love and affection also to the couple. Decreased sexually aroused; Normal, and may occur to any partner at any time. Usually different reasons and factors, depending on which couples lose sex appetite, male or female. Usually, you will experience this when you do not want sexual negotiation with your partner. This often happens in men, who prefer to stimulate themselves and then masturbate to satisfy his desire of lust. When this happens, you have time to use Scream Cream to help your partner clitoris stimulation, of course, this cream can be found in Pharmacy. Easy enough to get it because this cream not only helps stimulate the performance of the clitoris also increase sex drive or female libido so you can get a quality intimate relationship.

Hormones in the body have important role and key to every day, especially sex. In women, the more age, the more sex changes. Maybe it will be passionate at the age of fertile and mature but before the menopause? Can not at all lust to have sex with her partner. Especially if you’re feeling tired of body changes. Usually, after pregnancy and childbirth several times, not infrequently sex will disappear. You would prefer to sleep or do other things. In this period, women prefer to sleep and rest their bodies rather than having sex. Several studies have found, that sex drive can be lost and experienced someone who has a long-term relationship. You or your partner still love each other and still want to be together, but your body does not lead to intimacy with each other. Do not worry, it’s normal, and can be fixed if you and your partner keep trying to find the passion of sexual intimacy back. If the cause is because you are saturated due to a long-standing relationship, change the mindset that sex is just a distributor of lust alone. Sex is a duty for couples who are still equally healthy and plan happily ever after. Perhaps, if examined backward, the lust of lost sex in you is just saturated.