A derivative of a selective pallet rack, the Double Deep system requires the use of a special reach truck or auxiliary equipment mounted on a range truck. While achieving a capacity increase of up to 30% over the first system, only 50% of the palette can be directly accessed. However, this system provides a remarkable method to increase the capacity of the warehouse or if an alternative system is not possible. An alternative to the Drive-in Racking pallet rack, warehouse capacity increased by 30% and still retains a lower cost. Where a similar number of pallet racking types is not required, a double deep pallet rack is a perfect cost-saving option.

We recommend the use of pallet rails or pallet supporting poles as high as more than 4 meters, to improve the productivity of Material Handling (MH) and safety of operations. We recommend the use of protective columns when using material handling equipment (MH) requiring the riding legs to be placed under the lower beam or between pallets and supports. Benefits; Get up to 30% more capacity from Selective pallet racks, lower cost alternatives from Drive-In Racking, and increase capacity up to 30%, redundancy rates can range from 10-20% depending on the quality of the Warehouse Management System ( WMS).