When we live with comfort and sufficiency, many people whose lives are in distress. “The upper hand is better than the hand under” “giving will make us rich”. That’s why many rich, kind-hearted people have secretly donated donations to humanity. Fundraising for nonprofits donation account to distribute global humanitarian aid. By providing the help we can help our relatives affected by the disaster and the disaster today. Areas prone to disaster. Some humanitarian agencies provide donation accounts for those of us who are able and incentive to channel aid to them. Benefits of donation are to save lives and lighten the burden of many people, the money we distribute is a good deed that will actually multiply. Today it turns out already a lot of rich people, they secretly like to donate to humanitarian agencies are not few in number. The fund will be useful when it is channeled to people in need. Like the poor, stricken by disasters, chronic diseases, and victims of war.

For capable people may never experience a life of distress. Sometimes it does not occur to share happiness to those whose lives are always difficult. For they this life is the law of the jungle who works hard, who is clever than his destiny to live well and happy. Through fundraising for nonprofits, you can create campaign pages for free. For each donation collected, fundraising for nonprofits charges a platform administration fee (5%) except for the category of natural disaster initiated by an official / NGO (0% administrate fee). As a social enterprise, fundraising for nonprofits uses this fee to support operational and product development needs. Fundraising for nonprofits facilitates anyone who wants to raise funds. Fundraising for nonprofits has been used by thousands of users ranging from global NGOs, local foundations, communities, associations of alumni, students, artists, to individuals wanting to raise funds for social purposes, helping others or creating work. Every funder (campaigner) must enclose the latest self-ID, social media account and, if necessary, will be interviewed by telephone to bypass the verification process. If not verified, then the user can not withdraw the accumulated donations.